About us

Project team of HP Design GmbH


To develop the best, most flexible and highest quality design solution in the form of a TV bracket with rail system to enjoy your TV in different positions in your home/apartment.

Modern, open interior design in particular often requires flexible solutions.

Modern also means for us to arouse enthusiasm through technology and design.

The TV should appear to be floating when it is moved. This floating movement should be achieved as quietly as possible.

Another aim was to set this extraordinary style of TV attachment and movement in an atmospheric ambience. A corresponding controllable illumination by remote control or app should be realised.


The sliding, swivelling, tilting and height-lockable TV mount ScreenTrain is the result of years of development, testing and design development.


The team at HP Design GmbH has worked with the parent company, HP Engineering GmbH, whose decades of accumulated development experience in the development of automobiles has provided them with innovative ideas, design competence and pioneering spirit.

What has the development of a TV wall mount with the competence to develop automobiles to do? A great deal:

We also applied the high-quality standards of the premium car manufacturers to the development of the complex ScreenTrain TV mount.

In the design of bearings, the bearing housing parts as well as in the durability tests of the wiring and all moving parts, we were able to draw on the wealth of experience and developments in the automotive industry.

When purchasing a ScreenTrain TV mount, you are buying a quality product “Made in Germany”, which was designed with the know-how of automotive developers.

HP in our name stands for high performance.


Our claim is that our customers are 100% satisfied with our products – anything else is unacceptable for us and for our customers.

If you are satisfied with our product, we would be pleased to receive honest feedback in the form of a comment. Are there any questions left or do you have any other suggestions? Then simply write us a message via the contact form.