Sliding TV ceiling mount ScreenTrain in practice

Living - domestic applications

Experience completely new dimensions of entertainment and living. Use the TV holder in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or on the balcony.

Especially in inconvenient or confined spaces, the ScreenTrain can exploit its full potential. By simply moving the TV mount, it is possible to watch your favourite series or an exciting football game across several rooms.

Limitless television pleasure within your own four walls. No matter where you want to watch your programme or the latest sports event – ScreenTrain makes it possible.

Business - Business use

Whether small or large conference rooms, it doesn’t matter. From now on, video conferencing or presentations are even easier to organise and share with coworkers. The screen is still one of the most important tools when it comes to communicating with business partners.

Normally, the TV is fixed in one place: however, that’s not always the best option. Depending on the number of participants in the room, it may be necessary to change the position of the TV.

Make your meeting rooms more flexible and also provide a relaxed working environment for your employees. Invite invited guests and customers with completely new dimensions of business entertainment.

TV-Halterung mit Fernseher in Konferenzraum | Blaue LED Beleuchtung

Hospitality - for guests

Many bars and restaurants already have a big-screen TV. However, the location chosen is often so unfavourable that the view of the TV for most guests is not ideal.

With ScreenTrain, the position of the TV can be chosen so that each guest has a perfect view of the current sporting events. Retrofitting a ScreenTrain can, therefore, be helpful in improving guest satisfaction many times over.

With the movable and swivelling TV holder, you can also offer guests, clubs or even small companies the opportunity to hold guest lectures, seminars or conferences in their locality. For you, this ultimately means more guests and more sales.

TV-Halterung mit Fernseher in Cafe | Grüne LED Beleuchtung

Movement possibilities of the TV mount

Horizontally movable

Thanks to the rail system, the ceiling TV mount can be moved up to 3.6 metres horizontally in the room. Due to the flexible positioning, sloping ceilings, pillars or walls can be easily and elegantly avoided. From now on, television is no longer tied to one place, but wherever you want it. This makes the ScreenTrain by far the most flexible TV mount on the market.

Rotatable 360°

On its own, the possibility to move the TV by hand opens up many new application scenarios. But that’s not enough for an innovative TV mount: depending on the situation, the screen can be completely rotated around its own axis. Through a 360 ° rotation of the TV can be tracked from anywhere, even from the garden or balcony, so you can easily watch your favourite show.

Height adjustable & tiltable

To set the optimal height for your TV, the bracket can be adjusted in 10 cm increments so that the best setting can be made depending on the room and seating height. Finally, you can also change the tilt of the screen: the inclination can be up to 15 ° up or down as desired. Only in this way can we guarantee the best possible television enjoyment with a clear conscience.

Connections & mounting for the TV

Cable connections

The numerous cable connections guarantee the best DTS audio as well as 8K video transmission and thus ensure a multimedia-rich enjoyment. A total of 5 cables are laid in the guide rail. The exact cable configuration can be viewed here.

TV mount

The standardised VESA mount ensures high mounting compatibility of many LED, LCD or plasma televisions. It can mount devices up to a size of 75 inches without any problems. A rear cover closes open viewing areas on the TV.

LED light

As an absolute highlight, the LED atmospheric light sets unique light accents and inspires friends and guests alike. Depending on the desired mood, up to 16 million different colours can be set by remote control.

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