Samsung VG-SOCR85/XC 8K optical cable

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Upon request, we integrate the 15m long Samsung-specific 8K fiber-optic cable (universal connection point „One Invisible Connection 2019“ for all signal types) into your ScreenTrain during production. (please check for compatibility!)

When mounting this cable, the connector housing (plug TV side) is removed by us, and after completion of any installation work, it must be re-applied to the connector.

For more information about the cable type VG-SOCR85/XC please visit the manufacturer website of Samsung.

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Additional equipment for flexible TV mount ScreenTrain

SAMSUNG VG-SOCR85/XC 8K optical cable

Universal connection point „One Invisible Connection“ for all signal types.

For use with Samsung TV-Models (2019) only:

  • Q90R
  • Q85R (55″ – 75″)
  • LS03 (43″ – 65″)


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